cordova 4H Bluegrass and Old Time Music Camp (ages 9-18)


Mt. Eccles Elementary School

201 Adams St.


July 16th - 20th, 2018


$250 until July 14th

$300 after July 14th


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JULY 13 - 14, 2018

Check out Cordova's Salmon Jam Music and Cultural Festival the weekend before camp! Click here to learn more, buy tickets, and sign up to perform or volunteer!

Bluegrass Camp is open to students ages 9-18. You must check in on the first morning of camp to pick up your nametag, songbook, schedule, and other information. A completed Registration Form, signed Release Form, and 4H Code of Conduct Form, as well as payment, are all due by Saturday, July 14th

New Classes Avaliable!!!!

*Sound Class
*Int/Advanced Ukulele

Click on "Sign Up Now" to register.  At the end of the form click "Sign Up Now" first and then click "Pay Now". Thanks!


Morning Activities:
Mon.- Registration and Sing-a-long
Tues. - Square Dance or Sing-a-long/Jamming
Wed. - Square Dance or Sing-a-long/Jamming
Thurs. - Square Dance or Sing-a-long/Jamming

Afternoon Activities:
Mon. - Band Workshop
Tues. - Camp Bands Hike to Ski Hill
Wed. - Camp Picture at 3:00pm/Jamming or Blackboard Concert
Thurs. - Jamming or Blackboard Concert


Morning and Afternoon Activities are a variety of all-campus activities, in which students get to meet and interact with their fellow campers doing activities such as jamming, square dances, blackboard concerts, performance workshops lead by the guest artists, and sing-a-longs. Hawaiian Campers are welcome to join with parent permission. “Bands Around Town” is an opportunity for the bands to travel around town to play their performance songs and other jam tunes for tourists and the lunch hour crowd. Donations to the bands will be given to the camp to help for next years’ expenses: new instruments, fixes to older instruments, new strings and picks, songbooks, etc. The Cordova Music Camp Board will select locations for each band, which will be listed at camp and on students’ schedules. 

9:00am - 10:00am - Registration         (Monday Only)

9:30am - Morning Activity
10:00am - Class 1
11:00am - Class 2
12:00pm - Lunch
12:45pm - Class 3
1:45pm - Band
3:00pm - Afternoon Activity
4:00pm - Dismissal



Friday’s Schedule:

9:30am - 10:30am - Class 1
10:30am - 11:30am - Class 2
11:30am – 12:30pm - Class 3
12:30pm – 1:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm – 2:00pm - Bands Around Town 

Family Activities

Family activities are held in the evening during the camp, and are a big part of the Cordova Camp community! Further details will be listed on the students' schedules.


Square Dance at Library Parking Lot, 7pm-8:30pm

Teen Jam at Baja Taco, 7:30pm-9pm (13 years and older)


Staff Concert at Mt. Eccles Elementary School, 7pm




Hawaiian Night! Squirt Gun Battle, Blackboard Concert, and Potluck at Skater's Cabin, 6pm-8pm



Camp Concert! Mt. Eccles Elementary School
Ukulele - 6:00pm
Bands - 6:30pm


Tuition for camp is $300 with a $50 early bird discount if paid in full before June 30th. Please mail completed forms with payment to:

Cordova 4H Music Camp
P.O. Box 1053  Cordova, 99574



Students are welcome to use our Camp Instruments while at camp, or bring their own. We are very careful about instrument care at camp, and one of these aspects includes keeping instruments well labeled. When students arrive at camp, there is an Instrument Tagging Station where students may label their instruments and cases. Please remember to label the instrument, case, bow, and shoulder rest. There will also be a volunteer there to help. The tagging system works like this: On one side you will put your name. On the other side you may put one of two options. If you are not loaning your instrument, write “No”. If you are loaning your instrument, write a “Yes” and put a numbered sticker/s for which Block/s the instrument is available for loan. For example, if your instrument is available for loan during Block 1 and 3, please put a "1" and a "3" sticker on the tag. Please allow us to help you with the Instrument Tagging by tagging the instrument at camp, and not at home. Tags, stickers, and pens will be available at the Instrument Tagging Station. Again, there will be a volunteer there to help, so you can direct any questions to them when you arrive at camp. After camp, students that live in Cordova may have the opportunity to rent instruments for the year, for a small fee. 


Closed Campus Policy

We have a closed campus policy meaning students are to be signed out at the end of the day. On the Release Form, parents may choose to not sign their child out, which means the child may leave camp without a parent signature after the day ends. If a parent indicates that they would like to sign their child out, they must come inside and sign the child out each day, or provide a handwritten note at the beginning of the day. If no ones signs a child out, Cordova 4H Camp calls the parents around 4:30pm. We do NOT require a sign-in for the morning as we take roll each day and a phone call is made to the parents if there is a child absent. If you would like to call in a student absent before or during camp, please contact Kate at 907.350.2562.

Students 13 and older may choose, with parent permission, to leave campus during lunch. They must have permission from a parent, and must sign in and out for lunch. Students must return to class on time. Parents may give permission when they register thier student for camp.



The Cordova 4H Music Camp will be centrally located at Mt. Eccles Elementary School, 201 Adams St, as well as other locations around town. Hawaiian Camp will be located at St. Joseph’s Parish, 220 Adams St. Details on other locations will be on student’s schedules, as well as available at camp. 


What To Bring To Camp

Please bring your instruments, water bottle, and a coat or rain gear. Lunch is provided by the Cordova School District, but you are welcome to bring your own. Students are expected to be responsible and prepared for every class: bring their instrument and songbook to each class, and tune their instrument, or if they are still learning how to tune, bring it to the Instrument Table to be tuned by a volunteer.  Students are welcome to bring cell phones or ipads as recording devices, but please be courteous to your instructor and fellow students by putting away phone calls, texting, social media, etc. while in class.



We have many opportunities for parents to volunteer and become involved in the camp. You may choose to sign up on this registration form, online when you register, or anytime during camp. Someone will contact you to confirm, as well as put your name on the Volunteer Board located at camp. When you arrive at camp, please find Kate to receive your job duties.

Camp Volunteer jobs include:

-Preparing for Camp (up to a month before camp) - Print and bind songbooks, shop for camp supplies, make nametags, put schedules in books, collect donated instruments and food, put up posters around town and school, promotion and marketing as needed by Board, put together mailers.

-Camp Set-Up (2pm-5pm, Sunday) - Put schedules in songbooks, set up chairs and rooms, tune and tag instruments, set up Stations for Registration, help move instruments to apppropriate rooms.

-Registration (8:30am Monday) - Manage a Registration table, welcome students and parents to camp and direct to stations, hand out schedules to teachers after being printed.

-Morning Caretaker (9:30am-1:30pm, each day)  Afternoon Caretaker (1:30pm-5:00pm, each day) - There can be different volunteers for each time slot.  Jobs include: keep camp area secure, help students to class, help students and teachers find instruments, make photocopies for teachers as needed, answer parent questions, gather band names and band songs for Camp Concert Program, make and print Camp Concert Program, make sure students sign out at the end of the day, supervising lunch area, help to prepare lunch for teachers, cleaning teacher lounge if needed, make sure coffee, tea, and water are available for teachers, etc.

-Lunch Duty (12:00-12:45pm, each day) - Supervise lunch area

-Evening Family Events - Depends on which evening you sign up for, but duties can include: setting up chairs, sweeping, helping to set up the sound system, grilling food for the potluck, supervising students, etc.

-Bands Around Town (12:30pm-2:00pm) - Help escort or drive bands to their Bands Around Town locations, take pictures for the Cordova 4H Music Camp.

-Concert Set-up (5pm, Friday) - Set up chairs, help with sound system if needed, pass out programs, welcome parents

-Camp Clean-up (2pm, Friday) - Put away chairs, vacuum, take down signs, collect teacher supplies, put instruments in cases and take them back to where they belong, etc.

-Concert Clean-up (after concert, Friday) - Put away chairs, mop floors, etc


We would also appreciate donations of fish, meat, or veggies (fresh or frozen) for staff meals. If you would like to donate any of these items, please indicate so on the Registration Form.